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Judge's Gavel on Books


Book yourself for a court session in the Courts of Heaven to remove any legal right operating against your life. 

£75.00 - 2hr



Our Forgiveness Therapy is an 8 weeks journey on the path of setting yourself and others free from the bondage of unforgiveness

£30 - per session

For 8 weeks

Judge's Gavel on Books


We use different tools in this session to set you free from blockages, bondages and traps

£30 - per session

For 6 sessions

Female Swimmer


We introduce you to different cleansing and transformation techniques to restore your spirit soul and body and bring them into alignment with the Heart of your Father.

£180 - 6 sessions

Holding Hands


Our coaching is a one on one spiritual support and guidance for people who wish to identify their mandate and calling and how to navigate, nurture, and establish it into fruition. 
We deal with bloodline cleansing, breaking of soul ties that may be drawing you into failure and take you through the Courts of Heaven to learn how to govern your mandate from the heavens.
You will also receive free DNA cleansing.

£50 - 1 hour

Color Bombs


We use biblical tools to activate your spirit into operating in alignment with the Spirit of Truth and the Heart of Father through your first love gate.


Working on Laptop



Group mentorship is an invitation for those who wish to go deeper. It is also for people who are already part of the School of Sons. 
You will be invited to join the mentorship group at varied given times. 
You will receive extra help in areas like prayer and meditation. You will join an online bible study group, a book club and an Ascension group.  
You will also be encouraged to go through healing sessions such as Freedom Therapy, engaging the Courts of Heaven for healing, Forgiveness Therapy and DNA cleansing.

Digital Nomad



We also offer one on one mentorship to all. Tish will hold a weekly one on one session with you regardless of your level of maturity. She will hold your hand and guide you through your journey to becoming Sons. As part of the one on one mentorship, you will be encouraged to take issues in your life to the Courts of Heaven, receive Freedom Therapy, Forgiveness Therapy, DNA Cleansing and Activation of your Spirit. You will also go through a process of activating your mandate and calling so you will walk in your true identity as a Son or Daughter of the most High King. 

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