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We are rising to become the spitting image of the original Seed!

The harvest is ready when the seed that is produced is the spitting image of the seed that is planted.

So many times, we feel disconnected, discontented and unfulfilled in our daily lives. Sadly, in that state, we find it difficult to comprehend the meaning and purpose our lives on this earth.

This place is called Earth for a reason and we are made of the earth for the same reason. We are simply on a journey of becoming the spitting image of the seed of the one who placed us here.

When we feel lost, it is only because we are looking at ourselves and seeing only the illusion of our limitations and our shortcomings.

It is like a seed planted in the ground, going through germination trying to figure out what is happening to it.

Could it ever make sense of its condition without understanding what it looked like before it was planted and the purpose of it being planted and what it will look like after?

Would it even know that it is planted by a planter who loves and cares and keeps an eye on it every second so it will do well? and that it is in the soil being crushed and being formed?

I don't think so. We become short sighted when we are absorbed by the self without ever seeing the image of the true self.

We can only begin to see this true self when we step outside the self to look into the wonder and beauty of all that is freely and vastly available to us. That is when we are able to truly appreciate our germination process.

Only then could we appreciate our planter.

We are the planting of the our maker, growing into His spitting image. We don't have much control over our progress but to allow the flow of life and when there is a blockage, we must embrace it with the knowledge that the planter sees it and knows how to fix it.

Only then do we willingly surrender with the expectation of receiving complete and satisfactory result knowing that the one who planted us here is also constantly working on us, giving us enough rain and sunshine and wind and tender loving care and only wishes for us to flourish and prosper in this rich and fertile soil to be harvested for His pleasure!

To give us understanding, He gave us an image of Himself and demonstrated what we are experiencing through Christ the anointed one! One that we can look at and appreciate our present status as well as foreseeing our future status which is already hidden inside us.

Our Daddy is a great Farmer!

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1 Comment

Angie Gouveia
Angie Gouveia
Feb 09, 2023

Love the analogyand its simplicity, it's a light bulb moment, love the way you write, look forward to more.

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